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About us

The Dutch government supports innovative initiatives that stimulate sustainable economic growth. When taking steps towards sustainability, sometimes barriers are encountered. The Dutch Government wants to help to overcome these barriers by joining an initiative in a Green Deal agreement. In this way, the Green Deal approach aids the implementation of sustainable initiatives and accelerates the transition to a sustainable economy. So far, 235 Green Deals were closed in the Netherlands.

The Green Deal approach is an accessible way for organizations, local and regional government and interest groups to work with the Central Government on green growth and social issues. It is a joint initiative by the Dutch Ministries of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, Infrastructure and Water Management, the Interior and Kingdom Relations, and Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency supports the ministries with the implementation of the Green Deals.

How does it work?

A signed Green Deal is a mutual agreement or covenant under private law between a coalition of companies, civil society organizations and local and regional government. The deal defines the initiative, the actions and the input by participants as clearly as possible. The deals last on average about 2 to 3 years. A deal ends when all agreements are fulfilled and the goals are achieved.

Green Deals preferably inspire others and pave the way for the next initiatives. In this way, the Green Deals ensure broad follow-up and impact on the Dutch society.

The central themes are: energy, food, water, resources, biodiversity, mobility, bio-based economy, climate and construction. Deals can focus on one theme, but can cover multiple themes as well.

A Green Deal can be an international cooperation, so interested parties from abroad can join a deal too. The official agreement will be drafted in Dutch, but an English version will be made available too.

A selection of international deals are:


The European Green Deal

Since 2019, there has been a European Green Deal. There is no direct relationship between the Dutch and European Green Deal. The latter is an action plan to make the EU’s economy sustainable and circular. It aims to be climate neutral by 2050, which is also the goal of the European Commission. For more information, go to: A European Green Deal | European Commission.